CMG Granulatori




Thanks to years of experience in the construction of different Granulators for size reduction of plastic rejects, CMG have developed a range of different Granulators for edge trims, produced and successfully sold to many different markets and known as high quality and reliable machineries.

The range includes small & quite machinery for inline recycling of low capacity Granulators for one or two edge trims, as well as medium and large capacity Granulators for edge trims.

Using the “feed rolls technology”, CMG’s edge trim Granulators are capable to cover a range from 0.1mm to 10mm trim’s thickness.

All those CMG’s edge trim Granulators are equipped with feed rolls system, having grooved rolls with scrapping bars that goes into grooves, avoiding the wrap around of thin and sticking trims.

Every couple of feed rolls is controlled with motor-reduced and inverted, to cover a wide range of trim speeds, from 1 to 99mt/min.

For friendly use, cleaning and maintenance of the feed rolls system, each couple of rolls are often assembled on a swinging support allowing a their full access, for accurate and quick cleaning.

For automatic adjustment of trim speed, in accordance with line speed, suitable “dancer arm system” is foreseen.

Choosing Granulators within different rotor sizes (from 170mm, 250mm, 305mm, up to 419mm) and blades width (300mm, 375mm, 450mm, 510mm and 710mm), a variety of applications are possible.

Thanks to the unique-efficient geometry of the cutting chamber, it’s possible to achieve higher Granulator’s capacity, with low generation of longs & fines, also associated

to low energy consumption.

Various blower and cyclone systems are available to cover different throughput capacity and distance of discharge.