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CMG has a complete range of solutions, for the granulation of plastic extrusion parts, a high volume manufacturing process, in which plastic material is formed into a continuous profile such as:

Sheets and trims
We have six models for in-line grinding of trims, provided with single, double or even triple roller drive units, each with independent speed adjustment. Special hoppers or combination with regrind discharge systems complete our range for trim applications.

Over ten models for in-line and off-line sheet grinding, always with variable speed rollers unit, assure an excellent coverage of almost all sheet applications. 

in-line grinding of packaging straps makes possible, for the producer, to avoid accumulation of material which can be recycled immediately. Similar machineries are also used by warehouses and shopping centers, for volume reduction of used strapping, so to save on space and transport costs. CMG dedicated granulator use rotor fitted with special blades that can be sharpened and easily replaced. 

A variety of granulator's model, over fifteen models, for in-line and off-line film grinding, in addition to single shaft shredder, allows CMG to coverage a lot of film applications. Customized feeding systems and dedicated flakes discharge/conveying systems, offer excellent solutions for many producers and/or recyclers.

Different CMG granulators are also suitable for foam applications. A variety of models,  with or without rolls or paddles fed systems and also CMG single shaft shredder, allows CMG to cover different customer needs. Customized feeding and discharge systems,  offer excellent solutions for many producers and recyclers.

Pipe and profile
The possibility of grinding tubes/profiles in-line with the extruder, prevents accumulation of bulky wastes during line startup, also saving time and space. Special granulator hoppers or granulator-shredder combinations, complete our range of solutions for grinding tubes/profiles, made of PVC, PE, PP even if coupled with aluminum. 

Sheet Grinding

Extruded Tubes and Profiles Grinding

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